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Access 2019/365 – Level 1

Most companies have a lot of data, from customer and employee records to product specification data and billing and scheduling systems. By learning the fundamentals of Microsoft Access, you can learn how to effectively store that data in a way that makes it easy to update, query and report on for a range of outputs. This is an intensive Access course that introduces participants to the concepts of creating relational databases using MS Access. Microsoft Access is a very powerful database application, designed to save you time and make creating relational databases easier.

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at people who are likely to use a database on a regular basis: representatives, sales staff, sales managers, advertisers, marketing, public relations, freelancers, personnel managers etc…


Ability to manage files (save, save as, search…). Knowledge of Excel is a plus.

The course is structured around two days of theory and one day of practice during which you will learn the fundamentals of Microsoft’s relational database manager.

Practical information


3 Days




€950,00 + 21% VAT


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