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SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2: Report Design II (BOW 320)

This 2-day course is designed to give you the skills regarding advanced SAP Web Intelligence™ features. You will learn how to create Web Intelligence documents for your reporting needs: to implement a combined queries, to force input and output calculation contexts, to implement formulas with character functions and date functions. You’ll also learn how to filter dynamically using element linking.

Who should attend this course?
  • Application Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User

It is essential to have attended BOW310 : SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.2: Report Design I

This course will prepare you to:

  • Create complex Web Intelligence documents using advanced query and reporting techniques, including:
  • Combined queries and sub-queries
  • Character and date string functions
  • Variables and calculation contexts
  • Link documents using hyperlinks

Web Intelligence Core Report Design

Reviewing Core Report Design

Multiple Data Sources

  • Synchronizing Data from Multiple Data Sources
  • Creating Multiple Queries in a Document
  • Synchronizing Data with Merged Dimensions
  • Interacting with Other Data Providers

Advanced Query Techniques

  • Implementing Combined Queries
  • Implementing Subqueries
  • Creating a Query Based on Another Query
  • Changing Data Sources

Calculation Contexts

  • Describing Calculation Contexts
  • Redefining Calculation Contexts
  • Implementing Extended Syntax Operators
  • Implementing Extended Syntax Keywords

Formulas with Character and Date String Functions

  • Creating Formulas with Character and Date String
  • Implementing the Right() Function
  • Implementing the Replace() Function
  • Implementing the SubStr() Function
  • Implementing the Pos() Function
  • Concatenating Character Strings
  • Implementing Date Functions

If Logic and Grouping Data

  • Grouping Data
  • Executing the If() Function to Modify Calculation Behavior

Additional Reporting Techniques

  • Implementing Data Tracking
  • Implementing Additional Report Functions

Link Options in Web Intelligence Documents

  • Managing Links in Web Intelligence Documents
  • Using Element Linking
  • Managing Hyperlinks in the Web Intelligence

Managing Hyperlinks in the Web Intelligence Interactive Panel

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