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Special PMP training and coaching

Specialized PMP (Project Management Professional) training and coaching typically aim to prepare individuals for the Project Management Professional certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI).
This training program will be covering a comprehensive coverage of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide, which serves as the foundation for the PMP exam. This includes an in-depth review of project management processes, knowledge areas, and best practices outlined in the PMBOK. The training phase of this course occurs through Interactive Learning Sessions delivered by experienced instructors or coaches will be involving lectures, discussions, and interactive exercises to reinforce concepts and aid in understanding complex project management topics. For the coaching phase, practice questions and mock exams will help participants assess their readiness and identify areas needing further study. In addition, the participants will be examining real-world case studies ; by the analysis of real-world project management scenarios and case studies, participants will be able to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, for a better understanding on how to implement PMP principles in various contexts

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Course content summary

  • PMP training and coaching course is an invaluable step towards achieving PMP certification success. This tailored program offers a targeted and comprehensive approach, providing expert guidance, structured learning materials, and interactive sessions specifically designed to cover the breadth and depth of PMP exam content. With seasoned PMP trainers leading the way, participants gain insights, practical knowledge, and exam strategies essential for navigating the exam’s complexities. Moreover, through practice tests, simulations, and real-world application of PMP methodologies, this course not only prepares individuals for the exam but also equips them with practical project management skills. The PMP certification, earned through this focused training, not only validates proficiency in project management but also significantly enhances career opportunities by showcasing a dedication to excellence in the field.
  • Introduction to Project Management Framework
  • Overview of project management principles and methodologies
    • Introduction to the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide
      • Understanding the PMP certification process and exam structure
    • Project Integration Management
      • Project charter, project management plan, and project execution
        • Developing project charters and project management plans
          • Tools and techniques for project integration
        • Project Scope Management
          • Defining project scope, collecting requirements, and scope verification
            • Creating work breakdown structures (WBS) and scope management plans
              • Managing scope changes and preventing scope creep
            • Project Schedule Management
              • Developing project schedules, activity sequencing, and critical path analysis
                • Techniques for schedule development, control, and compression
                  • Schedule network diagrams and resource leveling
                • Project Cost Management
                  • Cost estimation, budgeting, and cost control techniques
                    • Earned value management (EVM) and cost performance measurement
                      • Project cost baseline and variance analysis
                    • Project Quality Management
                      • Quality planning, assurance, and control processes
                        • Quality metrics, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement methodologies
                          • Tools and techniques for managing project quality
                        • Project Resource Management
                          • Human resource management, team development, and conflict resolution
                            • Procurement management, contracts, and vendor management
                              • Tools for resource optimization and management
                            • Project Communication and Stakeholder Management
                              • Communication planning, distribution, and performance reporting
                                • Stakeholder identification, engagement, and management strategies
                                  • Effective communication techniques for project success
                                • Project Risk Management
                                  • Risk identification, analysis, response planning, and monitoring
                                    • Quantitative and qualitative risk analysis techniques
                                      • Risk mitigation strategies and contingency planning
                                    • Project Procurement Management
                                      • Procurement planning, solicitation, source selection, and contract administration
                                        • Contract types, procurement documents, and supplier management
                                          • Procurement performance reviews and contract closure
                                        • Professional Responsibility and Ethics
                                          • PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
                                            • Ethical decision-making and responsibilities of a project manager
                                              • Handling ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest in project management
                                            • Practice Exams and Exam Strategies
                                              • Mock exams and practice questions to assess knowledge
                                                • Strategies for approaching and tackling PMP exam questions
                                                  • Review and discussion of practice exams for areas of improvement
                                                • Application of PMP Concepts in Real-world Scenarios
                                                  • Applying PMP principles and methodologies to real projects
                                                    • Case studies and simulations for practical application
                                                      • Group discussions and analysis of real-world project challenges
                                                    • Final Exam Preparation and Review
                                                      • Final review sessions covering key PMP knowledge areas
                                                        • Exam-specific tips, strategies, and time management techniques
                                                          • Confidence-building exercises and final readiness assessment

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