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DO379 – Red Hat Cloud-native Microservices Development with Quarkus

Many enterprises are looking for a way to take advantage of cloud-native architectures, but many do not know the best approach. Quarkus is an exciting new technology that brings the reliability, familiarity, and maturity of Java Enterprise with a container-ready lightning-fast deployment time. Red Hat Cloud-Native Microservices Development with Quarkus course and exam (DO379) emphasize learning architectural principles and implementing microservices based on Quarkus and OpenShift. You will build on application development fundamentals and focus on how to develop, monitor, test, and deploy modern microservices applications.

Voor wie is deze cursus?

This course is designed for application developers.


Experience with application development or Red Hat Application Development I: Programming in Java EE (JB183). Be proficient in using an IDE such as Red Hat® Developer Studio or VSCode.

Course summary

  • Deploy micro-service applications on OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Building a microservice application with Quarkus.
  • Implement unit and integration tests for microservices.
  • Use the config specification to inject data into a microservice.
  • Secure a microservice using OAuth.
  • Build and deploy native Quarkus applications
  • Describing microservice architectures
    Describe components and patterns of microservice-based application architectures.
  • Implementing a microservice with Quarkus
    Describe the specifications in Quarkus, implement a microservice with some of the specifications, and deploy it to an OpenShift cluster.
  • Deploying microservice-based applications
    Deploy Quarkus microservices to a Red Hat OpenShift cluster.
  • Building microservice applications with Quarkus
    Build a persistent and configurable distributed quarkus microservices application.
  • Implement fault tolerance
    Implement fault tolerance in a microservice architecture.
  • Building and deploying native Quarkus Applications
    Describe Quarkus Native and its deployment on OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Test microservices
    Implement unit and integration tests for microservices.
  • Create application health checks
    Create a health check for a microservice.
  • Securing microservices
    Secure microservice endpoints and communication.
  • Monitor microservices
    Monitor the operation of a microservice using metrics, distributed tracing, and log aggregation.

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