Business & ICT Consulting

Traduire nos connaissances en actions spécifiques est une autre de nos activités. En raison des demandes croissantes d’assistance aux entreprises pour le déploiement, le développement ou la migration de certains produits, notre activité de conseil s’est développée. Il s’est étendu à notre activité actuelle, où nous guidons les clients de A à Z.

Nous combinons les introductions, les formations, les mises en œuvre et les migrations avec un accompagnement ou un suivi si nécessaire. Nous visons un partage des connaissances qui responsabilise votre personnel. Vous pouvez compter sur nous tant pour des projets à court terme que pour des collaborations à long terme.

We help clients to integrate disparate technologies, improve IT reliability and ultimately reduce costs through our commitment to scalability and proven, reusable components.

Forward-looking strategies must encompass the delivery of information and applications to an ever-widening variety of devices over fixed and wireless connections, as well as a growing demand to integrate new web-based applications with business systems.

Our learning capability also allows us to ensure that knowledge is transferred effectively to all employees to ensure the smooth roll out of new initiatives.

With Business Training’s help, clients can achieve a secure, manageable IT environment, appropriate for today’s needs, yet architected for future flexibility.

Our promises

  • We only employ consultants with proven experience. We do not believe that inexperienced consultants should gain their training at the expense of a client.
  • We do not try to be experts in everything. We deliver specialist service offerings to clients that are built on the experience of key consulting disciplines.
  • We practice, and believe in, maximum skills transfer. Our consultants are fully accountable and avoid creating a culture of dependency. We maximise the synergies from our training expertise to create ongoing programmes for skills transfer following projects.
  • Client-focused solutions

How we do business

Our approach always starts with the client; typically we find that they want to drive business profitability and growth through:

More efficient systems, greater reliability, availability and scalability, enabling faster reaction to emerging technologies.

Lower overheads to help with the constraints of limited budgets and the drive for profitability.

Enhanced internal user productivity across multiple platforms.

Rapid technology implementation with minimum business disruption.

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