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VMware vSphere 8: Fast Track (VSFT8)

This five-day, extended hour course takes you from introductory to advanced VMware vSphere® 8 management skills. Building on the installation and configuration content from our best-selling course, you will also develop advanced skills needed to manage and maintain a highly available and scalable virtual infrastructure. Through a mix of lecture and hands-on labs, you will install, configure, and manage vSphere 7. You will explore the features that build a foundation for a truly scalable infrastructure and discuss when and where these features have the greatest effect. This course prepares you to administer a vSphere infrastructure for an organization of any size using vSphere 8, which includes VMware ESXi™ 8 and VMware vCenter Server® 8.

Who should attend this course?
  • System administrators, System engineers
  • This course has the following prerequisites: System administration experience on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems
  • VMware vSphere 8: Fast Track (VSFT8)
  • By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
    • Install and configure ESXi hosts
      • Deploy and configure vCenter
        • Use the vSphere Client to create the vCenter inventory and assign roles to vCenter users
          • Configure vCenter High Availability
            • Create and configure virtual networks using vSphere standard switches and distributed switches
              • Create and configure datastores using storage technologies supported by vSphere
                • Use the vSphere Client to create virtual machines, templates, clones, and snapshots
                  • Configure and manage a VMware Tools Repository
                    • Create content libraries for managing templates and deploying virtual machines
                      • Manage virtual machine resource use
                        • Migrate virtual machines with vSphere vMotion and vSphere Storage vMotion
                          • Create and configure a vSphere cluster that is enabled with vSphere High Availability and vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler
                            • Manage the life cycle of vSphere to keep vCenter, ESXi hosts, and virtual machines up to date
                              • Configure and manage vSphere networking and storage for a large and sophisticated enterprise
                                • Use host profiles to manage VMware ESXi host compliance
                                  • Monitor the vCenter, ESXi, and VMs performance in the vSphere client

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