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PRINCE2® 6th Ed. Foundation (exam included)

PRINCE2® 6th Ed. is an integrated framework of processes and themes that addresses the planning, delegation, monitoring and control of all these six aspects of project performance.
With this course you will understand the PRINCE2® 6th Ed. approach – the principles, processes, themes and techniques – and be well prepared to pass the exam.

Who should attend this course?

This PRINCE2® 6th Ed. Foundation level aims to ensure that a candidate could act as an informed member and contributor of a project management team using the PRINCE2® 6th Ed. method


No prerequisites for this course

Following the completion of the course participants should:

  • Understand the purpose and responsibilities of all PRINCE2® 6th Ed. roles
  • Understand the 7 principles, themes, processes, and the Product-based Planning and Quality Review techniques
  • Understand which management products are input to, output from, and updated in the 7 processes
  • Understand the purpose of all management products and the composition of the Business Case, Product Descriptions,

Issue Report and the Issue, Risk and Quality Registers

  • Understand the relationship between principles, processes, themes, products and roles within a PRINCE2® 6th Ed. project
  • Pass the PRINCE2® 6th Ed. Foundation exam

This training includes a voucher for an official online proctored exam. This voucher is valid for one year.

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited / The Swirl logo™ is a trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

During the course the practical side of the PRINCE2® 6th Ed. method is emphasized through assignments and exercises. The training will cover the PRINCE2® 6th Ed. terms and prepare the delegate for the PRINCE2® 6th Ed. Foundation exam with a focus on:

  • PRINCE2® 6th Ed. Structure,
  • PRINCE2® 6th Ed. Principles,
  • THEMES: Organization, Business Case
  • PROCESSES: Starting up a Project, Initiating a Project, Directing a Project
  • PROCESSES: Controlling a Stage, Managing Product delivery, Managing a Stage Boundary, Closing a Project
  • THEMES: Risks, Plans, Change
  • THEMES: Progress, Quality, Tailoring PRINCE2® 6th Ed.
  • PRINCE2® 6th Ed. Foundation exam, Course Conclusion.

Hours required outside training hours :

  • As preparation for the first day our estimate is approximately 4 hours. We recommend that the evening of the first training day is used for a two hour review of the studied material. The final preparation of the exam is estimated to take around 4 hours.

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Classroom Course


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Sessions in English
24 - 26/1/2024Book
20 - 22/3/2024Book
15 - 17/5/2024Book
26 - 28/6/2024Book
18 - 20/9/2024Book
23 - 25/10/2024Book
Sessions in Dutch
17 - 19/1/2024Book
20 - 22/3/2024Book
29 - 31/5/2024Book
10 - 12/7/2024Book
11 - 13/9/2024Book
18 - 20/12/2024Book
Sessions in French
31 Jan & 01-02 FebBook
17 - 19/4/2024Book
05 - 07/6/2024Book
07 - 09/8/2024Book
09 - 11/10/2024Book
11 - 13/12/2024Book

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