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OneNote is the application that allows you to capture your notes on any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet). In this course you will learn how to organise your notes, how to take advantage of the functions of the editor, how to create lists, share notes or integrate them with other Office tools.

Who should attend this course?

Anyone who wants to create an efficient filing system for all the information they can find that is relevant to them.


Be familiar with the entire office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

Know how to create a structured and structuring “computer note-taking” environment in order to be able to easily classify – all types of information – that you find interesting and that you collect all day on the web, in the files of my colleagues, in emails, Teams conversations


  • What is OneNote vs a block of paper sheets
  • Differences between OneNote 365 & OneNote for Windows 10

Manage Quick Notes

  • The crucial role of “QUICK NOTES”
  • Everything can be a quick note ( information that makes sense to me)
    • Text from a web page
    • Data of all types of Files (Word, Excel, PDF, Image…)
  • How to Launch quick note tool instantly
  • Maximize/Minimize quick note tool
  • How to Create Quick Notes
  • How to find your quick notes
  • How to find info in all your quick notes
  • The incredible power of OneNote’s search tool

The structure of a OneNote notebook

  • Create a new notebook with a recognizable name
  • Compartmentalize this notebook into Sections / Pages / Subpages
  • Create section groups (for archiving)
  • Softskill: Create an efficient structure according to your needs
  • Multiply OneNote notebooks according to their role
  • Travel from one notepad to another

Effectively manage page content

  • Classic Word Vertical Encoding vs OneNote Idea Drop
  • Write your ideas where you want
    • Idea Blocks(Paragraph principle)
    • Pulling an idea out of a Block
  • Highlight ideas
    • Simple text
    • Using Styles
    • Indicators / Tags
    • Send tasks directly to Outlook (so you don’t forget anything)
    • + Send a block page by Email (indirect collaboration)
  • Illustrate notes
    • Insert Horizontal/Vertical Offset Spaces
    • Insert tables / images / videos / hyperlinks / timestamps / symbols
    • Create audio/video recording
    • Retrieve templates to save time
  • Illustrate notes with files
    • Printing Any type of file (as if it were printed)
      • With attachments
      • Excel
  • Manage views
    • Normal View / Full Page / Anchored
    • Page Width / Zoom +/-
    • Snap OneNote to the side of the screen
    • Create a new quick note (+Keyboard Shortcuts)
  • Layout ideas
    • Change page color
    • Manage page settings
    • Hide page title
    • Manage paper size
    • Print a page)
  • Find everything
    • Keyword research
    • Search by indicator
  • Manage a file’s history
    • Find the changes by “recent” / by “authors”
    • Go to the Trash
    • Softskill: once a notebook is “finalized”, to make it easier for others to read it to put it in “marked as unread” mode to be able to activate the next unread page option
  • Create notes linked to a file
    • Open a working file (Word or PowerPoint)
    • Turn on Quick Notes
    • Name the Page recognizably
    • Enable review of linked notes
    • Write changes (valid only for Word and PowerPoint)

Organize/Organize your quick notes

  • Transfer your quick notes to a “strategic” notebook
  • The Difference Between Copying and Moving
  • Export pages, sections, or blocks
  • Send pages to Word to finalize a document

Practical Exercise Scenario’s + Tips & Tricks

Practical information






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