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Lean Startup

The concept of “Lean Startup” is a methodology for business development focused on creating and managing startups and innovative projects.
This approach, popularized by Eric Ries, aims to reduce risks associated with launching new products or services by adopting an iterative and customer-centric methodology. The Lean Startup aims to minimize waste by avoiding the development of expensive and complex products that might not meet market needs. By adopting an agile approach, based on rapid testing and continuous adjustments, startups can be more responsive and increase their chances of success in the market.

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Course content summary

  • A structured framework to efficiently validate ideas and products, significantly reducing the risk of failure
  • The agility and adaptability required to respond effectively to market changes, fostering a culture of innovation and enabling you to create and sustain successful, customer-centric businesses in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape
  • Introduction to Lean Startup
  • Overview of Lean Startup principles and methodology
    • Understanding the core concepts: MVP, validated learning, and pivot
      • Importance of Lean Startup in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship
    • Customer Development Process
      • Deep dive into the customer development process
        • Techniques for identifying and understanding customer pain points and needs
          • Strategies for customer validation and feedback collection
        • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
          • Building and testing MVPs: Principles and methodologies
            • Lean prototyping techniques for quick iteration and testing
              • Implementing and validating MVPs efficiently
            • Lean Analytics and Metrics
              • Importance of data-driven decision-making in Lean Startup
                • Identifying key metrics for success and actionable insights
                  • Analyzing and interpreting data for continuous improvement
                • Agile Principles in Lean Startup
                  • Integration of Lean Startup with Agile methodologies
                    • Applying Agile practices for iterative development and adaptation
                      • Streamlining processes for speed and efficiency
                    • Business Model Validation
                      • Lean Canvas and other frameworks for business model validation
                        • Techniques for developing and refining business models
                          • Validating and adapting business models based on customer feedback
                        • Lean Growth Strategies
                          • Strategies for lean growth and scalability
                            • Continuous innovation and improvement for sustainable growth
                              • Adapting to market changes and evolving customer needs
                            • Case Studies and Practical Application
                              • Case studies highlighting successful Lean Startup implementations
                                • Practical exercises and simulations for real-world application
                                  • Hands-on application of Lean Startup tools and techniques
                                • Final Project and Implementation
                                  • Applying Lean Startup methodologies in a project scenario
                                    • Presenting a Lean Startup plan integrating learned concepts
                                      • Reflection and feedback on the application of Lean Startup principles

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