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Information Security Risk Management (ISO/IEC 27005) Professional

TRECCERT ISO/IEC 27005 Professional is an advanced-level course developed to provide trainees with a solid knowledge of the ISO/IEC 27005 guidelines and controls. The training course provides an in- depth explanation of guidelines and controls mandated to establish, implement, manage, improve and assess an Information Security Risk Management (ISRM).

Who should attend this course?

The ISO/IEC 27005 Professional training course is developed
for professionals seeking to expand their professional skills
on the assessment and management of an information
security risk management process, for example:

  • Information Security Risk Manager, Team Leader or
  • Business Owner, COO, CIO, CISO
  • Risk Analyst, Model Risk Specialist, Risk Manager


  • Know and understand the purpose of an information
    security risk management process, including basic
    concepts, principles and other risk management
  • Know and understand the whole information security
    risk management process steps and activities.
  • Know, understand and be able to identify, assess and
    treat the information security risks and perform other
    related activities.
  • Know and understand the basic analysis and methods
    used to establish a risk management context, assess
    and manage information security risks and implement
    security controls.
  • Know, understand and be able to support the
    information security risk manager perform risk
    management activities.

1. Information Security Risk Management

  • Information Security Background
    Risk Management Background
    Information Security Risk
    Information Security Risk Management Process
    based on ISO 27005 Standard
    Statement of Applicability and Risk Management
    Risk Heat Maps

2. Establishing the Context of the Information

  • Security Risk Management Process
    Context Establishment
    Information Security Risk Management
    Process Basic Criteria
    Information Security Risk Management
    Scope and Boundaries
    Defining the Organization’s Structure

3. Information Security Risk Assessment

  • Information Security Risk Assessment Approaches
    Identification of Information Security Risks
    Information Security Risk Analysis
    Evaluation of Information Security Risks

4. Information Security Risk Treatment

  • Risk Treatment Options and Techniques for
    Selecting such Options
    Risk Treatment Plan Development and Residual
    Risk Evaluation
    Acceptance of Information Security Risks
    Risk Recording and Reporting

5. Risk Communication and Consultation

  • Overview of Risk Communication and Consultation
    Risk Communication and Consultation Phases and Plan
    Risk Communication and Consultation Techniques

6. Risk Monitoring and Review

  • Overview of the Risk Monitoring and Review Process
    Monitoring, Reviewing and Improving the Information
    Security Risk Management Process

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