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Illustrator CC – Level 2

You will learn to use the correct drawing tools to create logos, diagrams, pictures or charts entirely by yourself. You will be able to skilfully use the different tools and palettes to achieve the right result.

Who should attend this course?

Anyone who works regularly with Illustrator and wants to use the program more easily and efficiently.


Basic knowledge of MS Windows or Mac. Illustrator Level 1 or similar experience.

Learn how to create accurate vector drawings in preparation for print and web.

Course structure

  • Startup file profile
  • Illustrator production tools and palettes
  • Advanced coloring
  • The design of artistic forms, calligraphic and elaborate patterns
  • Complex drawings with Bézier’s feathers
  • And even more so with Illustrator…

Startup file profile

  • Management of bleeds and integration of cutting lines
  • Customize tool settings
  • Opening a model

Illustrator production tools and palettes

  • Paths converted to guides
  • Advanced use of layers
  • Layer groups and subgroups
  • The link palette for visual update options
  • Text style
  • Paragraph style
  • Scripts to chain repetitive actions

Advanced coloring

  • The definition of global or dynamic colors
  • Create your own color libraries
  • Redefine the colors of the illustration
  • Customize default values, including the color profile
  • Create color gradients using the diffusion tool, swatches, color palette
  • Transparency and blending modes: product, inlay, difference…

The design of artistic forms, calligraphic and elaborate patterns

  • Create your pattern and shape libraries
  • The creation of symbols and patterns

Complex drawings with Bézier’s feathers

  • Transformation envelopes
  • The decomposition of plots and backgrounds
  • Shape gradients
  • Divide an object into a grid
  • Clipping masks on an imported visual
  • The isolation mode

And even more so with Illustrator…

  • Bridge
  • Flattening transparencies
  • Charts
  • Creating a simple 3D object
  • File exchange with other Adobe software (Photoshop, Flash, InDesign)

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