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Excel 2019/365 Power Query Complete

Forget VBA and discover Power Query to automate your data collection. With this tool you can create complex queries without programming! At the end of this course you will be able to create data tables ready for analysis.

Who should attend this course?

Thanks to a functional and non-developer interface, PowerQuery facilitates the work of those who need to analyse data from multiple sources on a daily basis, making it understandable to everyone in Excel and/or Power BI.


Very good knowledge of Excel

Forget VBA and discover Power Query to automate the recovery of your data. This tool allows you to create complex queries without programming!

At the end of this training you will be able to create data tables ready to be analyzed with

  • Excel (Pivot Tables and PivotCharts + Slicer)
  • Power Bi t(Table/Matrix/Graphics/Slicer)

Familiarize yourself with the Power Query environment

  • Know how to switch from Excel to Power Query and vice versa
  • Call Power Query mode from data stored in Excel
  • Know how to load data in connection/Table/Pivot Table & Pivot Chart mode

Connect to multiple data sources

  • Know how to import data from different sources into Power Query
    • Excel
    • csv text
    • Access
    • Web

Data transformation operation

  • Manage columns and rows to keep
  • Rename headers
  • Sort/Filter
  • Split columns
  • Group data (subtotals)
  • Adapt data types to analysis needs (+ automatic detection)
  • Create header row
  • Replace/Adapt Values
  • Transpose / Rotate / Unzip columns and rows
  • Make calculated operations
    • On Numbers (Stat, Rounding, Information…)
    • On Dates (Year, Birthday…)
  • Group columns to create structured data
  • Create merge and add queries

Add Columns Operation

  • Adding column from selection
  • Adding Custom Column
  • Conditional column
  • Index column
  • Column duplication
  • Format columns
  • Retrieve data from columns

Data modeling

  • Linking different tables in a Data Model (primary keys, cardinalities)
  • Joins

Discovery of the Data Analysis Expression (DAX) language

  • Differentiate Formulas and Functions
  • Essential functions
    • Related
    • Sum, Max, Min…

Practical exercises  and real-life scenario + Tips and Tricks

Practical information






€ 800 + 21% VAT


Classroom Course


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