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Advanced Angular

This course is intended for those that already have a basic understanding of the Angular fundamentals. It covers advanced topics like reactive programming with RxJS, unit and end-to-end tests, application state management with ngRx, lazy module loading, and token based authentication. The training provides a set of hands-on labs in order to get a deep understanding of the overmentioned advanced topics.

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Web developers


This course is intended for those that already have a basic understanding of the Angular fundamentals.

  • Review of Angular Foundations
  • State management with NgRx
  • Modular development and Lazy loading
  • Managing Authentication
  • Testing Applications

Review of Angular Foundations

  • MVVM Pattern in Angular
  • Review of Components, templates, and databinding
  • Review of Angular Routing and Navigation
  • Review of Services and RxJs operators

State management with NgRx

  • Why NgRx, or any state management solution ?
  • The Redux Pattern: Store, Actions and Reducers
  • Folder structure for the Store
  • Using the store in components
  • Building an NgRx Example Application
  • Debugging NgRx

Modular development and Lazy loading

  • Modular design best practices
  • Feature, Shared, and Core Modules
  • Exporting and Providing
  • Clean imports
  • Lazy loading strategies

Managing Authentication

  • What is OAuth2/OpenID Connect ?
  • Authentication using JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Managing JWT Tokens
  • Authorization using Router Guards
  • Best Practices for Angular App Security

Testing Applications

  • Unit Tests vs Integration Tests vs End-to-End tests
  • Angular Testing tools : Jasmine, Karma, Angular CLI TestBed
  • Testing Angular services
  • Testing Angular components
  • End-to-end tests with Cypress

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