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WordPress for Beginners

This is a two-day introduction to the WordPress software. WordPress is the publishing platform of choice for over 100 million websites and blogs – including some of the most high-profile sites in the world. It has a Content Management System (CMS) market share of 58%. WordPress is quick to install and simple to get started on, with little configuration and setup. This course will give you a great start. It will take you from installing the software, adding content (including multimedia), interacting with your reader, through customising the look, and enhancing your site with plugins.

Qui devrait suivre ce cours?

This WordPress for Beginners class is ideal for someone who wants to set up their first website, whether you have heard of WordPress or not. If you have heard about blogging and want to start your own blog, this course will get you started?

If you have a small business – maybe you’re involved in a scout group or local church and you want to get started with a web site – this course will be ideal for you.

You might be a freelance journalist wanting to show off some of your writing, an acupuncturist hoping to attract more clients, or a gardener finding small ads in the free newspaper less and less effective

You may have already tried to set up WordPress but got lost in the technical stuff. This course will set you back on the right track.


Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows environment

After completing the class, you will have:

  • The ability to install and configure WordPress on a hosting account
  • An understanding of the main content types of WordPress and their differences
  • The ability to configure WordPress to your preferences
  • An understanding of how to tweak your theme settings and alter the look of your site
  • The ability to install new themes and plugins in to your WordPress site
  • An understanding of how to make your site more secure

Day one

  • Introduction To WordPress: What is WordPress? A little history
  • Installing WordPress: Demonstration
  • Anatomy of a website: Headers, footers and sidebars
  • Exercise: Plan your site contents
  • The WordPress Dashboard: Logging in and looking around
  • Content types: Posts, pages and more
  • Publishing your first content: It’s that easy!
  • Exercise: Adding content to your site
  • The look of your site
  • Exercise: Changing things around

Day two

  • Settings: Configuring WordPress just how you want it
  • Comments: Engaging with your readers
  • Exercise: Commenting and moderation
  • Plugins: Playing with plugins
  • Exercise: Choosing, installing, and activating a plugin
  • Installing themes
  • Exercise: Trying some themes
  • Multiple users: Let someone else do some work
  • Exercise: Co-authoring, editing, and workflow
  • Free for all, Q&A, show & tell

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Classroom Course


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