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RH404 – Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration with exam

Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration is a lab-based course that explores the concepts and methods necessary for successful large-scale management of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® systems. Course participants will learn how to install Red Hat Satellite 6 on a server and populate it with software packages. This course is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Red Hat Satellite 6. It also includes the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Deployment and Systems Management exam (EX403) based on Red Hat Satellite 6

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Senior Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrators responsible for the management of multiple servers


Be a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE®) or demonstrate equivalent experience. Have experience with Red Hat Satellite 6

Course content summary

  • Verify a Red Hat Satellite 6.6 installation.
  • Regulate Red Hat Satellite with organizations, locations, users, and roles.
  • Manage software with Red Hat Satellite environments and content views.
  • Use Red Hat Satellite to configure hosts with Ansible playbooks and roles.
  • Provision hosts with integrated software and configuration management.
  • Implement Metal-as-a-Service (MaaS) with Satellite discovery and provisioning of unprovisioned hosts.
  • Plan and deploy Red Hat Satellite
    • Plan a Red Hat Satellite deployment, then perform installation and initial configuration of Red Hat Satellite servers.
  • Manage software life cycles 
    • Create and manage Red Hat software deployment life cycle environments.
  • Register hosts
    • Register and configure your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems to use Red Hat Satellite, then organize those systems into groups for easier management.
  • Deploy software to hosts   
    • Manage software deployment to registered hosts of your Red Hat Satellite infrastructure and practice managing environment paths, life cycle environments, and content views.
  • Deploy custom software
    • Create, manage, and deploy custom software products and repositories.
  • Deploy Satellite capsule servers     
    • Perform installation and initial configuration of Red Hat Satellite capsule servers as components of a deployment plan.
  • Run remote execution commands
    • Configure the ability to run ad hoc and scheduled tasks on managed hosts using a variety of configuration management tools.
  • Provision hosts 
    • Configure Satellite server for host deployment and perform host provisioning.
  • Manage Red Hat Satellite using the API      
    • Integrate Red Hat Satellite functionality with custom scripts or external applications that access the API over HTTP.
  • Plan a Red Hat Satellite deployment on a cloud platform
    • Plan a Red Hat Satellite deployment, installation, and initial configuration on a cloud platform.
  • Perform Red Hat Satellite server maintenance            
    • Manage Red Hat Satellite for security, recoverability, and growth.
  • Comprehensive review
    • Install and configure Red Hat Satellite Server, then provision content hosts.

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