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Kubernetes fundamentals

This training helps to get started with Kubernetes. It is designed for beginners who have no previous experience with container orchestration or cloud technologies. The course gives an understanding of the Kubernetes cloud-native platform and then describes its structure. The course includes many Hands-on labs that teach how to deploy and configure applications on Kubernetes clusters.

Qui devrait suivre ce cours?
  • Application developers
  • Software Quality specialists
  • DevOps specialists

There are no formal prerequisites for this course

Understanding the Kubernetes architecture

  • Details of the Kubernetes architecture
  • What makes up a Kubernetes cluster?
  • Start a Single node cluster locally with minikube
  • Using the Kubernetes dashboard

Deploying applications on Kubernetes

  • Application deployment using Kubectl
  • Application deployment using the yaml manifest
  • Managing containers with Pods
  • Basic Commands of Kubectl

Scaling apps in Kubernetes

  • Overview of Services
  • Labels and Selectors
  • Exposing deployed app outside the Kubernetes cluster
  • Scaling up and scaling down the application replicas
  • Updating and Rolling back updates

Managing State with Deployments

  • Stateful vs Stateless applications
  • Persistent Volumes
  • Persistent Volume Claims
  • Storage classes

Kubernetes monitoring & logging

  • Container logging
  • Kubernetes component logging
  • Alerting best practices
  • Prometheus deep-dive
  • Integrating Prometheus with Grafana

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21 - 23/2/2024Réserver
22 - 24/5/2024Réserver
23 - 25/10/2024Réserver
18 - 20/12/2024Réserver

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