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Change Management

An intensive three-day course for professionals facing issues and changes in their work environment. Through this very dynamic and participative class, our change management training courses will give you details of the process, techniques and best practices for successfully managing change as well as innovation, new roles and expanding responsibilities. You will acquire the knowledge, tools and techniques for preparing changes and taking the best actions/reactions for managing uncertainty.

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The Change Management Foundation training is designed for people who require a general level of Change Management understanding


No prerequisites for this course

Change Management is associated with the effects and management of change; this is primarily within organisations where change can have greater impact. This qualification is based on the theory and application of change for the individual, change for the organisation, communication and stakeholder engagement and change management best practice.

The Change Management Foundation certification aims to instill a candidate with sufficient knowledge and understanding of Change Management to work as an informed member of a team working on an organizational change initiative.

Our course focuses on the impact of change in four key areas:

  • Change and the individual
  • Change and the organization
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement
  • Change management practices

1 – Introduction and Objectives

  • Review stakeholder engagement and communication and discover change practices

2 – The Individual and Change

  • Understand the learning preferences of people within the company
  • How can new skills be developed?
  • What are the patterns of individual change?
  • Motivation: what motivates people?
  • Finally, what are the systemic differences between people and how to deal with them?

 3 – The Organization and Change

  • Organizational metaphors
  • Organizational culture
  • Change process models
  • What is emergent change?
  • Key roles in organizational change
  • Drivers of change and developing a vision

4 – Stakeholder Strategy

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • The principles
  • Identifying and segmenting stakeholders
  • Personas and empathy maps
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Influence strategies

 5 – Communication and Engagement

  • Communication media
  • Communicating change: factors, barriers and approach
  • Communication channels (Push-Pull and Lean-Rich)
  • Communication planning

6 – The Impact of Change

  • Identify and evaluate the impact of change
  • Stakeholder impact assessment
  • Modifying the severity assessment

7 – Preparing for Change

  • Motivation for change and motivating people
  • Change Impact Assessment
  • Network of change agents
  • Building the change team
  • Change management plan
  • Preparing for resistance to change

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