Covid 19 updates

Updated on 12th of October, 2020

Will my training course still take place?
This page gives you an answer and will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

Has my course been cancelled?

Business Training has decided to move all scheduled training courses on location to the online learning environment (Virtual Classroom) starting Thursday March 19th, 2020. There are again classroom training courses on location at Business Training Belgium or Business Training Luxemburg since June 2020, where social distancing rules are applied. If you’ve already booked a training course at Business Training, you can attend the course either via Virtual Classroom or in Classroom at one of our locations.

Would you like to book a training course? Business Training offers courses online via Virtual Classroom without losing any quality or interactivity of in classroom training. Virtual Classroom is a in classroom training – the only difference is you follow this course online, from your home or office. We can organize a classroom training if this is preferred, but social distancing regulations will be respected.

How about exams?

Business Training has reopened its Exam Center as from June 2nd, 2020 but with limited seats in order to respect social distancing. Please contact Pearson Vue for more information regarding your exam.

How does a virtual classroom work?

A live virtual classroom training is more or less the same as a regular classroom training. You receive the same course materials, access labs (if part of the course), engage with the course instructor and the other delegates. The only difference is that you follow the course from your preferred location, whether that is at home or at work. Business Training will create the virtual classroom and send you all the necessary links to connect to your classroom, so your company doesn’t need to set up the environment

Can I organize a classroom training?

As from June 2nd, 2020 Business Training organizes classroom training again, but for half the maximum capacity in order to respect social distancing.


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