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Teams + Planner + OneNote

At the end of this course you will be able to: Plan all tasks of your projects efficiently. Effectively communicate with your colleagues and work together (as a team) around your project tracking files. (MS Teams). Effectively structure, document and run through your most important project documents

Who should attend this course?

Anyone working in project mode who wants to know how to use all the resources of the Microsoft communication/collaboration platform

  • Be familiar with the Office 365 environment and more specifically Outlook. Have an Office 365 account. Have Teams, Planner and OneNote software properly configured.
  • Work daily in Project mode / Be a project manager or team leader or simply a member of a project team.
  • For “external consultants” with whom you want to collaborate effectively in the long term, the best solution is to create a 0ffice 365 personal account within your organization (just as you provide a badge and an email address to your consultants physically present on your premises)

Know Who (Teams) Does What; When, (Planner) and How (OneNote)

At the end of this training you will know

  • Efficiently plan all the tasks of your projects
  • Communicate effectively with your colleagues and work collaboratively (as a team) around your Project tracking files. (MS Teams)
  • Structure, document and travel efficiently through the key documents of your projects

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2 Days




€700,00 + 21% VAT


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