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ServiceNow® IT Service Management (ITSM) Fundamentals

Learn core ServiceNow® ITSM process lifecycles and the value of ServiceNow ITSM applications for managing IT Services. IT Service Management (ITSM) is a concept that involves delivery of IT services to customers and users. Most IT services are centered around technology and the support and maintenance activities that must occur to operate and maintain the technology. In this course users will learn core ServiceNow ITSM process lifecycles and the value of ServiceNow ITSM applications for managing IT Services

Voor wie is deze cursus?

This IT Service Management (ITSM) Fundamentals course is designed for customers, partners, and ServiceNow® employees who will be administering ServiceNow and/or working on a ServiceNow® implementation of ITSM applications and need to understand the lifecycle and inter-dependencies of ServiceNow® ITSM applications from a persona perspective.


This Course focuses on the baseline capabilities and the touch points between these ITSM applications and processes:

  • Service Catalog and Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management

This course also provides general information on ITSM supporting applications, such as Configuration Management and Knowledge Management, as well as ITSM Professional applications.

Module 1: Introduction to Core ITSM Applications

Objectives of Module 1:

  • Define applications, roles, and personas used to support IT service management (ITSM) processes on the ServiceNow® platform
  • Identify how the ServiceNow® ITSM applications support IT services and end-user customer experiences


  • IT Service Management Overview
  • IT Service Management Process Architecture
  • IT Service Management Applications Overview

Lab 1.1: Verify the ITSM environment

Module 2: Operate IT Services

Objectives of Module 2:

  • Explain the Service Catalog and its relationship to Request Management
  • Use the ServiceNow® platform to submit, approve, fulfill, and close a request
  • Identify the data structure and roles that support the Request Management process


  • Overview
  • Service Catalog

Activity: Find the ITSM Elements

  • Request Management
  • Submittal
  • Approval

Lab 2.1 Verify Service Catalog request and approval capabilities

  • Fulfillment
  • Closure

Lab 2.2 Verify Request Fulfillment tracking capabilities

Module 3: Maintain IT Services

Objectives of Module 3:

  • Explain Incident Management and Problem Management and their relationship to other key ITIL processes
  • Use the ServiceNow® platform to create, manage, and resolve incidents and problems
  • Identify the application roles, personas, and architecture that support Incident and Problem Management


  • Overview
  • Incident Management
  • Creation and classification

Lab 3.1 Verify incident record creation capabilities

  • Investigation and diagnosis
  • Resolution and closure

Lab 3.2 Verify incident tracking and resolution capabilities

  • Problem Management
  • Detection and logging
  • Investigation and diagnosis
  • Resolution and closure

Lab 3.3 Verify problem tracking capabilities

Module 4: Improve IT Services

Objectives of Module 4:

  • Use the ServiceNow® platform to create, manage, and close a change request
  • Identify application roles, personas, and process lifecycles that support Change Management


  • Overview
  • Change Management
  • Record and review
  • Assess and evaluate
  • Authorize

Lab 4.1 Verify change creation and authorization capabilities

  • Plan and implement
  • Review and close

Lab 4.2 Verify change request tracking and closure capabilities

Module 5: Mature IT Service Management

Objectives of Module 5:

  • Identify other platform features that increase the productivity and efficiency of the ITSM solution
  • Recognize ITSM Professional applications and their value in maturing and ITSM solution

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