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Programming in Java 11

This training is a comprehensive study of core Java 11. It teaches the object-oriented programming concepts, the utilities and APIs of Java 11, the Java Platform Module System (JPMS), the functional programming, and other Java 11 features. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll expand your knowledge of Java SE 11, while building your Java skill set. The course is completely aligned with the Oracle Java SE 11 Developer Exam 1Z0-819

Voor wie is deze cursus?

Java Developers, Java Enterprise Developers, Java Applications Architects.


Participants should master the essentials in Java language and/or in any other object-oriented programming language.

Review of Java Basics

  • Primitive types and wrapper classes
  • Declarations, expressions, instructions
  • Blocks, conditional structures and loops
  • The enumerations
  • Exception handling
  • Annotations

Object Oriented Programming concepts

  • Classes and instances
  • Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism
  • Overriding methods
  • Type comparison, casting
  • hashCode(), equals(), finalize() and toString()

Java Utility classes

  • String, StringBuilder and StringBuffer
  • Local dates and times. Time zones and daylight saving time.
  • Byte and character streams.
  • Manipulate files. API NIO 2.
  • The Collections framework

Java Platform Module System (JPMS)

  • The interest of the modules
  • The syntax of
  • Compile and run a modular application
  • Services and Reflection
  • Interoperate with old libraries

Functional programming

  • Lambda expressions
  • Method references
  • Functional interfaces
  • Stream API
  • Suppliers, Consumers, Predicates and Functions

Multi-threading and Concurrency

  • Processes and threads
  • Control the execution of a thread
  • The high-level java.util.concurrent API
  • Use Executors and ThreadPools
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Thread-safe collections

JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

  • Architecture of JDBC
  • Connecting to a database
  • Perform database queries
  • Use of stored procedures
  • Transaction management

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5 Days




€2100,00 + 21% VAT


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