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Cyber Security Awareness for IT-Staff

In this cyber security course, you will learn the following: protocol analysis & threat detection, operating system analysis & threat detection, Open Source Intelligence and so much more…

Voor wie is deze cursus?

All IT professionals that take data security to heart


Function as part of an IT Team

  • You will be more aware of your vulnerability through interactive demonstrations
  • You will have learned how to better protect your data (transfer & storage)
  • You will be able to identify phishing scams and other threats
  • You will have learned how to take the necessary caution when opening links or documents
  • You will be permanently suspicious about what you read or hear
  • You will know how to implement webbrowser extentions and other tools for a better protection
  • You will have reviewed and restricted your privacy settings in your applications
  • You will know how to manage your passwords in an easy and secured way
  • You will intuitively adopt other good practices

Evidence of our vulnerability

  • Terminology of threats and recent related events
  • Round of questions: who among us has been a victim?

Data protection

  • Data exchange
  • Data storage

Identifying threats

  • Dangerous (links to) websites
  • Dangerous files
  • Dangerous messages (e-mail, sms, whatsapp, …)
  • Suspicious human contacts (phone or physical)

Protecting your Internet activity

  • Webbrowsers
  • Outlook
  • Social media

Good habits

  • Passwords
  • Other best practices


  • Checklist
  • Is it really that bad?
  • Q & A
  • Evaluation and feedback

In order to participate to our quizzes, votes and surveys during the course:

  • Keep your smartphone closely at hand
  • Make sure you have an internet connection!


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1 Day




€395,00 + 21% VAT


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