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Project Management Fundamentals

Définir le rôle et les paramètres du gestionnaire de projets.
Savoir utiliser une méthode pour gérer un projet important.
Acquérir les outils (gestion du temps, matériel, activités, planification, etc.).
Structurer les différentes étapes d’un projet pour s'organiser.

Change Management

An intensive three-day course for professionals facing issues and changes in their work environment. Through this very dynamic and participative class, our change management training courses will give you details of the process, techniques and best practices for successfully managing change as well as innovation, new roles and expanding responsibilities. You will acquire the knowledge, tools and techniques for preparing changes and taking the best actions/reactions for managing uncertainty.


Jira Essentials

You are brand new to Jira, not sure what the product does, and word has it, there are multiple Jira products. How do you get started using Jira? How will it help you with your work and help your team collaborate? If you have these or similar questions, then this course is for you. we learn how Jira is structured and we do hands-on assignments to master the most common tasks in Jira. Participants perform tasks in a fully equipped Jira environment.