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Certification in Green-IT Foundation (exam included)

Green IT Citizen provides every IT user the means to participate to a greener way of working. In the end a significant number of Green IT users will lead to a contribution towards a better environment, and to cost reductions for compagnies and individuals. During the training candidates will perform sample exams and exercices.

This two-day workshop is aimed at providing the audience with an in-depth understanding of all the different aspects of Green-IT strategy and governance. It explains how Green-IT governance supports green initiatives at the IT level, and how these can best be implemented to support a corporate sustainability (CSR) strategy.

•    IT decisions makers, top executives and managers (business, IT and facilities);
•    Board members facing environmental questions;
•    Risk managers, (governance) consultants, Green IT ambassadors;
•    CSR and environmental managers and consultants;
•    HR managers, IT procurement specialists.