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Word 2016/2019 - Level 1

Microsoft Word is a very powerful word processing application designed to save you time and make creating letters, CVs, reports and other documents easy. This is an introductory Microsoft Word training course that will provide you with a working understanding of the basic features of MS Word. Like being able to create and format documents.

Being able to create and format documents.

  • The environment
  • Moving and selecting
  • Managing documents
  • Formatting
  • Using tables
  • Using the Navigation pane
  • Page setup
  • Copying and moving (using drag & drop and using the clipboard)
  • Using the search and replace functions
  • Working with several windows and documents simultaneously
  • Tips and tricks
  • Exercises

MS Word is the most common text managing application in companies and on home computers. This course is addressed to anyone who needs to create and manage text documents

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