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Team Management

Knowing & recognizing his managerial skills to improve. Adopt a managerial commication adapted to situations & people. Know how to apply managerial style based on the maturity of the team. Know how to develop the potential and motivation of its employees. Knowledge to effectively manage relationships with my superiors...


Develop your Leadership as a Manager

The purpose of this practical training is to enable participants to improve and affirm their own leadership style, possess and master tools to assess any situation and adopt leadership practices in order to motivate and bring their teams go beyond their limits.


Managing and Improving Intergenerational Synergies

This training presents a management model that, in each area (delegation, steering, training, stimulation ...), takes into account the specificities of the different generations to enhance their skills and make them work effectively together.


Managing a Multicultural Team

This two day training will teach you how to handle a multicultural team, keeping in mind each person's cultural peculiarity, apply tools to install an atmosphere of trust, rally the team around shared objectives and getting commitment from each member and anticipate misunderstandings due to cultural differences whilst finding solutions which respect the cultures present.