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ISO/IEC27002 Information Security Foundation

Closely aligned with the ISO27001 Standard, ISO27002 serves as a practical guideline for all members of staff as they initiate, implement and maintain an information security programme. An understanding of the best practice guidance as outlined in ISO27002 is essential to ensure the compliance to ISO27001 in any organisation.
The ISO27002 ISMS Foundation Course delivers a comprehensive education in ISO27002 best practice and a recognised industry standard certification awarded by EXIN.


ISO/IEC27002 Information Security Management Advanced

Information security is becoming increasingly important. Globalization of the economy leads to a growing exchange of information between organizations (their employees, customers and suppliers) and a growing use of networks, such as the internal company network, connection with the networks of other companies and the Internet. The Information Security Advanced Based on ISO/IEC 27002 (ISMAS.EN) course tests organizational and managerial aspects of information security.


ISO/IEC27002 Information Security Management Expert

The module Information Security Management Expert based on ISO/IEC 27002 (ISMES.EN) is based on specialized knowledge, understanding and skills in structuring, maintaining and optimizing the security of information within an organization.