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Time & Priority Management

Aware of its own responsibility for time management in order to develop personal effectiveness. Learn to effectively plan activities. Acquire time management techniques for you & your colleagues. Increase your efficiency and prdouctivity: Eliminate "time eaters" and take advantage of the "winners time."...

Stress Management

The workshop aims to equip participants to understand what stress is, how it impacts them and how best to reduce and manage their stresslevels to improve their quality of life and their performance at the workplace...

Team Management

Knowing & recognizing his managerial skills to improve. Adopt a managerial commication adapted to situations & people. Know how to apply managerial style based on the maturity of the team. Know how to develop the potential and motivation of its employees. Knowledge to effectively manage relationships with my superiors...


Acceptance of the existence of conflicts - How to manage conflicts with a constructive and goal oriented approach - Understand that conflict situations offer also some opportunities...

Managing Agressivity

Anticipate and adapt to aggressive behavior and manage emotions.
Aggressive training & difficult behaviors allows you to understand the mechanisms of aggression and manage your emotions and reactions-triggers & characteristics of aggressiveness and violence.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

How to be convincing in your presentations and public speaking ? How to improve his speech in public, manage his stage fright, adapt his speech, choose his words and convince his audience, improve his non-verbal communication, get his message across, animate a meeting, ...


Resilience Management

This interactive training program offers a new vision of the skills of well-being and aims to transmit know-how on the relational level with oneself and the others. It is aimed at preventing burnout and preventing psychological harassment.