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Jira for Project Managers

In this course, attendees learn how to manage projects effectively in Jira. Learn how to define,plan and track your project. Discover how boards help your team visualise work in progress. And find out how to use Jira reporting for project progress and status. See how integrating Jira and Confluence creates a powerful solution for requirements gathering, documentation and project collaboration.

This training consists of two parts.

Part 1 – Focuses on the Agile project team. You learn to translate user stories into an organized backlog and you discover how to rate user stories through various ways of estimating. You are going to configure Scrum boards to meet all project requirements, regardless of the complexity of the project. In addition, you learn to register time and how that works with subtasks. You will also gain insight into planning releases and finally Jira's extensive reporting options are discussed. 

Part 2 - You start in this training with an introduction to Portfolio for Jira and then get a comprehensive overview of how the product works. During the training, we deal with the preparation of a roadmap based on issues in Jira Software, the forecasting of release data, the management of team capacity and the creation and sharing of reports on these important topics with stakeholders.

Jira for Project Managers is suitable for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, project leaders, Agile developers and anyone who uses Jira Software or wants to delve further into it.