Business Process Modeling Fundamentals

Our BPM Fundamental, OMG Certified Project Management course prepares for the OMG international certification in BPM, known by the acronym OCEB Fundamental. This is a rigorous and fair test of the knowledge and skills of any candidate for participation in a business process management project or modeling. These 3 days of training cover all the objectives of the OMG-Certified Expert Certificate in BPM Fundamental (OCEB), you will have all the skills necessary to pass certification and to the management of project.

The BPM Fundamental, OMG Certified Project Management course provides a theoretical and practical overview of the technical knowledge required for the success of the OCEB Fundamental exam.

The theoretical presentations of the BPM training attempt to describe in detail the technologies used by a Fundamental OCEB certifier as well as the best practices for implementing them.

The practical workshops of the BPM Fundamental, OMG Certified Projects Management course allow the setting up of a complete infrastructure of technologies and services for a certified OCEB Fundamental and this from a blank platform. The participants thus master all the necessary knowledge on the implementation of the components as they will meet them in production.

Business Analysts who are responsible for requirements specification or are involved in business process re-design or improvement.

Business and Process Architects responsible for establishing frameworks and direction for enterprise processes; or who will participate in process re-design or process-oriented development efforts.

Auditors who need to capture/review processes in an organization.