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Business Game - Bridge-IT

Bridge-IT as a business simulation game developed around project management. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer demand, defining requirements, correctly defining the scope and the benefits of the project and delivering the project within the constrains. The game is played around a board-based game, paper-based documents and assembly parts, which makes it extremely realistic and interactive for the participants.

About the game:

The game illustrates an amusement park.  Each year, the park has to build new roller-coaster in order to attract new visitors and stay in business. The park manager will define the strategy for the park and translate it into a product offering that will have to be built and delivered on time for the opening of the season.  Quality, budget, time, risks, communication, cooperation and agility are the main ingredients of this game.

At the end of the training, participants will:

  • See the value of project management processes
  • Understand the criticality of defining requirements and understanding the customer’s vision
  • Be aware of the importance of communication in projects
  • have refreshed their knowledge of project management

Project managers, project team members, project board and project executives, PMO managers, and other project stakeholders.

People from different departments who will be involved around a common project.

The Simulation is excellent for developing project management excellence and enhancing the team building.