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WordPress for Beginners

This is a two-day introduction to the WordPress software.
WordPress is the publishing platform of choice for over 100 million websites and blogs – including some of the most high-profile sites in the world. It has a Content Management System (CMS) market share of 58%. WordPress is quick to install and simple to get started on, with little configuration and setup.
This course will give you a great start. It will take you from installing the software, adding content (including multimedia), interacting with your reader, through customising the look, and enhancing your site with plugins.


WordPress - Intermediate

This two-day training course will enhance your WordPress knowledge and take it to the next level. You will learn how to thoroughly customise themes, find the right plugin for your needs, understand the different requirements for mobile platforms (smartphones/ tablets) and how to unleash the full power and potential of this CMS platform. Mike’s hands-on course will teach you WordPress best practice, SEO strategies, security tips and caching techniques. You’ll get started with e-commerce and find out about little-known and useful features of WordPress – and all from the man who helped create it in the first place.


WordPress - Advanced

This two-day training course will consolidate your WordPress knowledge allowing you to build sophisticated, branded and customised web sites.