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N° 50564 : Introduction to HTML5

This two-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to work with HTML5.

N° 10958 : Programming Fundamentals of Web Applications

This five-day instructor-led course provides the knowledge and skills to develop web applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio and WebMatrix 2.
The course introduces the Microsoft web stack and shows how to use WebMatrix 2 to develop web applications. The course will help students understand how start with basic web development concepts, and how to use existing applications from the Application Gallery. The course will describe basic web development, including CSS, plug-ins, scripting, basic data access, and application hosting. The course will also describe how to use Windows Azure for application hosting, and how to move beyond WebMatrix 2 into Visual Studio.

N° 20480 : Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

This course provides an introduction to HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This course helps students gain basic HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript programming skills. This course is an entry point into both the Web application and Windows Store apps training paths.

N° 20481 : Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript

In this course students will learn essential programming skills and techniques that are required to develop Windows Store apps. This includes a combination of both design and development skills, as well as ensuring that students are comfortable using and making the most of the Visual Studio and Expression Blend tools.

N° 20482 : Advanced Windows Store App Development Using HTML5 and JavaScript

In this course, you will learn advanced programming skills and techniques to optimize your Windows Store app and differentiate your app from other apps in the Windows Store. These advanced skills and techniques are a combination of both design and development skills. You will also learn how to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and Expression Blend tools.

Practical XML

The training is intended for analysts, designers and administrators of systems developed using the XML technology. Its practical hands-on content is designed to give the delegates a comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts of the language as well as to some of the key technologies built around it, such as XML Schemes, XPath and XSL.