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InDesign CC - Level 1

Adobe ® InDesign ® CC (latest version) is a versatile desktop publishing application to control typography and pixel models. Create layouts for neat and attractive printing, shelves and other displays. Easily customize your layouts for different page sizes, orientations or the terminals.

InDesign CC - Level 2

Create pages without constraint, develop your creativity, while improving production efficiency. Here is the objective of this advanced InDesign CC2014 training! Understand the intricacies of this complete with learning advanced functions, effective management of long documents, your skills will match your ambitions...

InDesign CC for iPad & Tablet

With the arrival of the iPad on the market, the publishing business has undergone a real revolution. Touch edition had appeared (newspapers, literaturen, catalogs, ...) This training in the creation of publication for iPad and tablets is intended for all those who wish to adapt their medio on the new digital media.