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Programming in VBA Access

This intensive 3-day course is designed to introduce new Access programmers to the Visual Basic for Applications programming language and help them create robust and powerful database applications by taking a structured look at Access VBA. It will help new database developers to plan and automate their applications.

Students will learn how to develop an application and tie the objects together into a cohesive system by using macros and Visual Basic for Applications code.

Students will learn how to build an application by designing and creating the database objects and a graphical user interface.

Structure of the course :

  • Manipulating Objects
  • Programming Access objects
  • Data Programming
  • Verifying Form data
  • Automating forms
  • Creating custom toolbars and menu bars
  • Working with VBA code
  • Advanced VBA programming

Students should understand table, query, form, report, and macro design and function, as well as data normalization and table relationships.

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